Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flying and Fish (But Not Flying Fish)

I flew to a new airport today. Well, the airport's quite old, but it was a new experience for me.

It's Pacoima-Whiteman Airport (almost every airport has a hyphenated name) but everyone calls it Whiteman. This throws me off because it always makes me think of Whiteman Air Force base (which is in Missouri). Since I know the base I'm thinking of is in Missouri, I start to think that I must have Edwards Air Force base and Whiteman confused and that it must be Edwards in Missouri and Whiteman in California. But, I know that the one in California is far away from LA, so I think I'm flying really far.

Here's the reality:

Whiteman is an AF base in Missouri.
Edwards is an AF base in California.
Neither on of them is an airport that allows civilian general aviation aircraft to land.
Pacoima-Whiteman is often called Whiteman and is a small airport inside of Burbank Airport's airspace.
The fact that it's fully engulfed in Burbank's airspace makes it a giant pain the butt for me to fly.

Still, I got experience at a new airport and, one of these days, I might have enough confidence to leave the Santa Monica area in a plane by myself (but not today).

As for fish, Mr. Bubbles has not been doing a good job of keeping his tank algae free. I told him he'd end up with a roommate if he didn't keep his tank clean, but, I really don't want to torture him like that. He's a solitary fish and he likes it that way. I wouldn't want another fish to take his favorite hiding space (in his log) or steal his food from him.

I suppose I could do what I'm supposed to do which is change out 1/3 of the water every 2-3 weeks, but, like Mr. Bubbles, I'm lazy.

Third Option: Accept that algae is a plant and welcome it with open arms into my tank.

Problem solved!


  1. Fish tanks with algae are gross! Mr. Bubbles may be lazy, but he enjoys a clean environement.

    Why don't you fly here and pick me up for dinner?

  2. A smal algae eater won't upset Mr. Bubble's. Two different realms of existance.
    Bubbles in the free and open water... Eater on the bottom and sides.
    Just get a plain short tailed ugly little guy so Bubble's vanity isn't threatened.

  3. OK... Has the "new" airport crumpled from old age yet??

    Time for an update in the life of this itty-bitty blogger.