Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Grab Bag

A couple night ago, I had a dream about President Obama. Not the creepy dreams that the middle-aged women are having about him leaving his wife and hooking up with them. It was actually a hybrid of a work dream and an Obama dream.

In the dream, it was the present time and I was at work talking to my boss. I told him that I had a vague memory that we had interviewed Obama for a job a few months earlier and I asked him if it really happened. He said that we had indeed interviewed him for an account manager position back in September. I was extremely confused at this since the guy was running for president at the time, it seemed unlikely that he'd be trying to get a job at our company. My boss agreed that it didn't really make sense and said that he hadn't been a good fit for the job, so it's a good thing he won the election.

When I woke up, it still seemed so real that I was a bit confused. I knew that it was completely ridiculous to think he took time off from the campaign to apply for a job in SEM, but it still seemed real. Then my head cleared up and I realized it was all just a dream.


There is a controversy brewing over the upcoming Disney cartoon "The Princess and the Frog". The cartoon features Disney's first black princess (Princess Tiana) but, apparently, the prince (Prince Naveen) isn't dark enough to please the masses. Many people are complaining that he's white (I guess, for these people, mixed race couples are a bad thing). I personally think he looks more olive-skinned/middle eastern.

It might seem like they're just hopping on the whole "First African-American President" bandwagon (and the article does make it seem that way), but, Disney animated films are planned years in advance. They began this one in 2006 which wasn't exactly pre-Obama but was during the time that a Hillary Clinton presidency was considered inevitable. If they were pandering, they'd have done "The first Disney princess that only wears pant suits".


I haven't watched television in about 2 weeks.

Normally this would be a good thing. In this case though, it's because I signed up for Netflix. We were spending more per month on movie rentals than what Netflix costs, so we figured we might as well try it. What's killing us is the older t.v. shows and movies that we can instantly stream.

I've spent the last couple weeks watching Season 1 of Dead Like me and catching up on Discovery Channel specials like "Engineering an Empire". It's been great.

On the other hand, I miss the fact that we watched less t.v. when the picture was all blurry.

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  1. I've often thought about netflix, but have been afraid of falling into the same trap. Maybe I'll just do it for a summer and catch up on everything I've been meaning to see.

    The new princess looks very beautiful... but I wish people wouldn't always look for a reason to complain. If there is any negative way to take something... they find it.