Monday, March 02, 2009

Welcome to the Blog

I've been reading my sister's blog for a little over a year now and have been impressed with (and jealous of) her ability to write meaningful posts on a regular basis.

I have no delusions that I will be able to keep pace with that on my own blog.

Still, it seems like a nice way to let people know what's been going on in your life and post things that have been on your (my?) mind - so, why not. After all, starting a blog is completely free...that's why all the great blog names were scooped up years ago and consist of one (and only one) post that simply says, "Testing". Luckily, Lil is awesome at naming things so she was able to find a cool name that hadn't been taken yet. Well, it's been claimed now, so, for all those that come after me looking for their cool blog name, "Nyahhhh nyahhhh nyahhh".

Now's as good a time as any to mention 'the rules'. At times, I might post an opinion that you disagree with, (whether it be something silly like the best flavor of ice cream - ROCKY ROAD - or something of a political/philosophical nature - the heavy stuff). Feel free to point out where you think I'm wrong. I'm more than happy to look at the other side of things (or the other sides....don't want to be accused of any false bifurcations here); however, I'd appreciate it if you did it in a rational manner. There's no need to 'scream' at me and tell me I'm an idiot. Even if we ignore that it's an ad hominem and adds nothing to the conversation, the fact is that I don't deal well with angry, unreasonable people (I'm also not great with angry, reasonable people, but they're a bit better). I'd love to have an intelligent discussion on anything posted here but am not looking to get preached at or beaten over the head with anything.

On the other hand, if you agree with me, you should feel free to tell me how awesomely smart I am. (Kidding! Of course).

That's pretty much it for the rules.

I look forward to seeing you around!


  1. Bifurcation? You must be awesomely smart. Yay! I'm so happy you have a blog. It looks awesome. Did you design it??? It doesn't seem like any of the pre-made ones I've seen.

  2. Nah....not smart....but I live with someone that is. All I know is that any time I say, "It's either this or this" he says, "That's a false bifurcation".

    As for the blog's design, I most definitely did NOT design this. I'm afraid my HTML skills are limited to making small changes to websites designed by others. I found a page that had "100 Cool Blog Templates" (or something like that) and I loved this one. This one was designed by a chick named Ophelia Nicholson. I made a few small modifications to it (which I hope is not a violation of the free template agreement) and the result is this. Here's the link ( if you're in the market for a new blog design. I can help you with small (very small) modifications.

  3. I'm glad you started a blog. Now I can look in every once in awhile and see how you are!