Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: A Home for Alexander

A few thousand miles away (give or take depending where you're reading this from) there's 10-year-old boy with a brain tumor.

This in and of itself would not be remarkable as there are probably children in your own neighborhood with various illnesses.  What makes this story different is that Alexander is not sitting at home, recovering from surgery, surrounded by his family.  He's sitting in an orphanage in Eastern Europe hoping that a family will come for him while his condition worsens.

There are plenty of things that could scare off a potential family:

He's 10 years old and there's just no telling what bad behaviors he's picked up at the orphanage.

He's in a region of EE that requires 4 trips.  That's too much time for me to be away from my family.

He has a brain tumor that will require lengthy treatment once he's home.  Adoption is already expensive we can't afford a medical expense like that after an adoption.

He might die.  We can't take the risk of falling in love just to lose him.

All of the fears listed above (and others I didn't even think of) are all reasonable and I can't honestly allay any of those fears.  But God can.  If you feel an urge (even if it is just a slight one) that leads you to believe you might be Alexander's family, please pray about it.  If you pray about it He will let you know if you should pursue the adoption or not.  Though, if you aren't led to pursue, I hope you will help in other ways by spreading the word about Alexander or donating to his adoption grant (tax free!).

In one year Alexander can still be in that same orphanage a bit closer to the end, desperately trying to get quality time with any visitors that come.

Or, he can be home with his family.  He can hold his mom's hand when the medical procedures make him nervous and have heart-to-hearts with his dad about how he worries about the tumor but doesn't want to mention it to mom because it will make her sad.  He can help his little brother learn to ride a bike (after he learns himself) and beg his big brother to let him tag along to the movies with him and his friends.

His region is open to older parents (but they must be under 60), married couples, and single women.

If you think he might be your son you can go to Reece's Rainbow for more information (http://reecesrainbow.org/category/waitingbycountry/ee-3/13region).  If you think he might be your friend's son (or your friend's friend's son....or...) please pass his information along.  You never know when a casual reader of your blog or an acquaintance on Facebook is just the person that needed to see this to find Alexander's family.

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