Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book 'Im, Danno. He's 181 Days Old!

This is my nephew River (and Tsaggui! - who is not my nephew at all). The little bean was a few weeks old when this picture was taken in mid January.

As you can see he was adorable, tiny (though not for his age) and had a head full of fluffy hair.

As of today he's SIX MONTHS old!

So, what's different about being 6 months? Well, if you look closely at this picture you'll see that he's taller than his dad now. He's still got that same head of hair though it's thicker and fluffier. Oh yeah....he's also got more rolls than a bakery. That's a good thing at this age though.

I wish I could be there in person to give him a giant birthday pinch (followed by a birthday hug and birthday kiss), but I can't.

Instead I wore the "World's Best Aunt" shirt that I got from River as a gift. All day, when people have read it, I've taken the opportunity to tell them how awesome he is and that it's his half birthday.

I think I'll eat a slice of cake tonight in his honor.


  1. I had a donut in his honor. I wish you were here too... someday we'll live close by. I will make it happen. You are the World's Best Aunt. Everyday we use something you bought us, car seat, stroller, breast pump, video camera... Although we do NOT use the video camera while using the breast pump, because that would not be kosher.

  2. River is Jewish??? I don't know all those Kosher rules... Is there a place to look them up?