Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Most Wonderful Dad in the World

Over the weekend I had two separate people tell me that I should keep my blog more up to date so that they would know what's going on in my life. I'm assuming they think that there is more going on in my life than just eating cereal for breakfast, putting in 8-9 hours of work, eating cereal/pasta/chicken/etc for dinner, sleeping and running (not at the same time). I suppose they'd be right because I am also learning to play the piano and I watch Josh practice Kendo 2-3 times each week. That pretty much sums up my current (not-so-interesting) existence. Unfortunately for me, someone's big sister happens to update her blog regularly, so, it's making me look bad.

So, to avoid looking bad, to post something timely and also to avoid boring you with details of my life, I present to you a post about my dad, Hal (don't call me Harry) Fields a.k.a. The Most Wonderful Dad in the World.

* He's put in over 20 years with the same company to put food on his family's table as well as to demonstrate to his kids that work isn't always glamorous, but, it's a lot more fulfilling than mooching off of other people.

* He used to run really slowly so a very tiny girl could go jogging with her dad. 20 years later, he again ran really slowly so that a somewhat less tiny girl could run a marathon with her dad.

* He spent hours refreshing his knowledge of Chemistry, Algebra, Calculus and other subjects so that he would be able to help his kids learn the things that they weren't quite understanding in school.

* He looked the other way as various stray animals and people were brought into the home over the years which made for a much more interesting and fulfilling childhood.

* He mastered the art of making pancakes and tuna boats so there would always be something tasty to eat on the rare occasions that mom was out of town.

* He fixed cars, tvs, washers, dryers and other mechanical items around the house even though it was fairly obvious that he didn't exactly enjoy spending time on repairs.

* He flew ~2000 miles, TWICE, to give away 2 different daughters in marriage. In spite of the long journies to get there and the fact that he doesn't like dancing, he danced at both weddings (including a lively jig to Cotton-eyed Joe).

He is, The Most Wonderful Dad in the World.


  1. What a cawinkidink... my dad does all those things too and laughs at his own jokes... my dad wins... okay they tie.

  2. And he's pretty easy on the eyes.....