Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If Lil Cuts Her Hair.....I Cut My Hair!

I've been wanting to spruce up my hair for a while now.

Lil's blog post about her haircut was exactly the impetus that I needed.

It's not exactly the best photo, but, what do you expect for a photo at the end of a work day taken on an iphone by a husband that is sick?

The cut was fairly simple. She just took the dead ends off my length, put in a little bit of layering to give it some 'motion' and then, of course, added the bangs.

I also had it colored because the washed out, sun-bleached, 3 different colors look just wasn't doing it for me anymore.

Interestingly enough, far more people have noticed the color than have noticed the bangs.

I'm hoping that the bangs do not annoy me when I'm all sweaty from running. Tomorrow morning will be my first run since the hair cut, so, I guess I'll know then. If it is problematic, I'll finally have a use for the Census 2010 sweatband that I got in my LA Marathon freebies bag.


  1. It looks cute, but I want to see more... I love bangs, they make it look very stylish... I only wish I didn't hate the feeling of bangs sitting on my forehead. I also love that I no longer need to remember what punctuation is needed, because I sub everything with...

  2. I noticed the bangs right away.. wish mine looked as cute...
    I keep thinking of getting layering, but I really don't think my hair works with it...
    You look beautiful, I-phone/sick hubby and all...
    (Absolutely NO bias)

  3. Lil - I will post a better picture as soon as I figure out how to get my hair to look half as good as it did coming out of the salon. *sigh*

    Mom - I'm really starting to think you might have at least a teensie bit of a bias. I don't mind though.