Monday, July 19, 2010

Psalms 1 through 150

I had a bit of a funny experience in church on Sunday.

The lesson in Sunday School was on the book of Psalms. One of the ladies (who must really, really like the book of Psalms) seemed to dominate the conversation (and that's being gentle).

I know she was trying to share, but, I'm not sure that speedily quoting the entire length of a long psalm, going so quickly that it's hard to understand what you're saying, actually invites the Spirit in. Honestly, for the life of me, I have no idea which Psalm she was quoting as she never stated it's number. She just started quoting it really quickly in the middle of the lesson.

Anyhow, while the presentation might not have been the best, I do think that it's cool that she has a favorite Psalm. Other than Psalm 23 I can't honestly claim to be familiar with any of the Psalms. Of course, I'm sure that I'd recognize them when I read them ("OH! Is that where that phrase comes from?") but I don't _know_ them.

So, I've decided to read (and perhaps even ponder and pray) Psalms 1 through 150 and determine which one is my favorite. I don't currently have any plans to memorize my newly crowned favorite as I'm not big on rote memorization, but, I will report back here on which one I've decided upon.

I think you guys should do the same. And, by 'you guys' I, of course, mean Lil and Mom since they are the only people that read this blog. Of course, if anyone else happens to be passing through and wants to do the same, I certainly won't mock your post....unless you pick Psalm 69 because, well, c'mon!


  1. Funny enough.... as I read the Old Testament by myself, because my crew abandoned me... I happen to just be starting Psalms.

  2. Alright....the going is kind of slow right now.

    So far, I've made it to Psalms 16. Why is that? Mostly because I have trouble prioritizing.

    However, it's also, in part, because I'm a bit disappointed in the Psalms I've read so far. Most of them seem to be David calling on the Lord to smite all his enemies.

    Perhaps I'm reading them wrong, but, they don't seem to be all that uplifting.

    Have you come across any yet that you love?