Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Guess Whose Family Found Them?!?

If you are my friend on Facebook (which is quite likely since only about 3 people read this blog) you've probably seen me harassing....err....encouraging people to donate to the adoption grant fund of this handsome fellow:

This little guy has spent the past 12 years locked away in an orphanage.



And, let's be honest.  Mistreated.  Grossly and unjustly mistreated.

He was born into a family in an Eastern European country that doesn't think much of those children that aren't 'perfect'.

Like many 'imperfect' children in this country, he was left at an orphanage shortly after birth.  Problem solved.

After 12 years of getting barely enough food to survive (and even less loving touch), "Tommy" is no longer an orphan!

He's got parents (the Berman's) a new name (Kelten Drake), a new brother from the same orphanage (Teagan Chance - who is not quite as ill, but, only because he's 4 instead of 12 so he's suffered fewer years of neglect) and 7 brothers and sisters waiting at home (5 of whom are children with special needs also adopted from Eastern Europe) .

As I mentioned previously, adoption from Kelten's country is not cheap.  His family is still working to pull together the $17,500 they need to complete Kelten and Teagan's adoption.  If you are inclined to help, you can donate through the "Chip In" on my page (in the right side bar).  If you donate $10 or more, you should go to their blog "A Torch for Teagan" and let them know you donated so they can enter you in their drawing for a 32 gig ipad2.

If you want to help other children like Kelten, I suggest you go to Reece's Rainbow and choose a child of your own to advocate for.  It can be as simple as praying for the child (being a Prayer Warrior as they say) or you can try to raise funds for the adoption of a specific child.  Never fear that the child you choose to pray for will not find a home.  If God can find a home for my 12-year-old, 22 lbs little boy with Down syndrome I guarantee you He is big enough to find a family for any child you pray for too!

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